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Happy Father's Day and a belated Wellington Day

Happy Father’s Day and a Belated Wellington Day

On the 18th of June was Wellington Day and this got me thinking of the first time my father and I made Beef Wellington together. As Father’s day has dawned upon us I thought that this will be a tribute to my father and all the other amazing dads out there.


So the story begins:
We were watching Hell’s Kitchen one day and we could not understand why the contestants of Hell’s Kitchen could not cook the Beef Wellington properly. So we looked at each other and asked “How hard can it be?” and just this little question set us off on the journey of our very first Beef Wellington.


We gathered all the ingredients (and by gathered I mean we told my mum to get them for us) and started the process. My job was to chop up the veggies and the like, as I was a sous chef, and that’s what a sous chef does. My dad was channelling Gordon Ramsay by shouting at me and telling me that "those onions are not chopped they are diced"- or what you call "finely diced". After several attempts of chopping the mushrooms finely, we were off.


It was time to roll the Wellington. We rolled out the puff pastry. We then layered the thin pancake on top of that (which I almost forgot in the process of chopping), then came the duxelle (just a fancy word for saying finely chopped) of mushrooms. We then brushed the fillet of steak with Dijon mustard (and it had to be Dijon from France because that’s what Gordon uses). Then we rolled it all together and a nice beautiful log, brushed it with egg and we were ready to put it in the oven.


This is the part where the contestants of Hell’s Kitchen were struggling, I then realised that this is actually quite difficult as we won't be able to see when the meat is ready or not. This was the most painful 30 minutes of my life. Finally the Wellington looked golden brown so we took it out and began to slice it. All eyes on the Wellington.
And we’ve done it, the meat was blushing pink and juicy.  With the amount of excitement in our house, one would have thought we just won the Lotto. After all ,we got it on our first try, so maybe we are worthy to go and work for Gordon Ramsay.


For some of you that want to try beef wellington the link to the recipe is below:

Beef Wellington Recipe

For all your chopping needs head to:

Blue Kitchen Knives


So to all the fathers I hope you have an amazing Father’s Day and get spoilt rotten.

To all our dads- we love you lots.


Happy Father’s Day to all for Sunday

Happy eating for the rest



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